Pink Unicorn Kids challenge - 1 Mile

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1 MILE PINK UNICORN RUN: Limited to 75 places 

The stunning 1 mile Pink Unicorn challenge is designed to be an attractive reward for children completing a fitness challenge. 

What is a virtual challenge?  A virtual challenge can done from any location you choose. You can run, jog, walk, cycle, swim, use a wheelchair - whatever you choose and however you choose to complete a distance.  There is no restriction on discipline.  We aim to be as inclusive as impossible. 

We are very keen to help introduce ways to get children into running and fitness, given the unfortunate statistics on obesity and inactivity within the UK in children. We firmly believe that by involving children in these kind of events, motivating them and making it fun will help keep them in shape, healthier and fitter.

Submitting and Claiming your Medal

There is no deadline to complete and submit your results.  We will send out the medal and certificate immediately, so please be careful not to open it before your challenge is complete.  Don't worry - there will be a warning on the envelope.

You can submit your result once completed by clicking below if you wish to enter the annual hall of fame (the fastest 3 individuals across all distances during the year).  Proof such as an app screenshot can be uploaded here.  Proof of completion and time is needed to qualify for the top three places.

Every challenge has limited places, so once we sell out, entry to the challenge will end.  Sometimes this can be very quick, sometimes it can take several Months.

More Questions……

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