2021 Distance Collection: 500mile,1000mile, and 2021 mile challenge entries

2021 Distance Collection: 500mile,1000mile, and 2021 mile challenge entries

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Enter all 3 of our distance challenges at the same time and save £5 off of the individual prices!

Medals are sent to you as you claim them, 500 by March? 1000 by June?and then a big push for the 2021 mile medal before December 31st! Its a challenge on your terms, anywhere you go.

The perfect motivational challenge that rewards you as you go!

Run, walk, cycle, or a combination of all and cover the distance's from 1st January 2021 until 31st December 2021 to complete our Annual Mileage Challenges and win your stunning medal to celebrate your achievement. 

The medals are a huge 100mm wide and 5mm thick, solid medal design, these are our heaviest medals ever!

Submit as soon as you hit your target mileage, we send the medal after your submission, we dont wait until December 31st before we post!


Submitting and Claiming your Medal

Please click the link below to submit your miles (link becomes active in January)

We only require your name, order number and Annual Mileage screenshot on our very short form once you have finished, the last thing we want to do is to add to anyone's list of jobs and make them upload 100's of runs!

Our recommended Exercise apps are Strava, Nike and Fitbit, but we accept all Apps. Please Google if unsure how to screenshot, as its available on all phones and computers and is very handy to know.

An example of the submission form below:

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