1 Million Steps Hall of Fame

Submission date deadline: Midnight New years eve, 2019

Medal status: Being dispatched on submission.


Still available to enter and complete. Only evidence supported submissions make it on to the Hall of fame.

Updated 19.06, final update 31/12/19

Nicola Cadger Peterhead 25-Feb
Sharon Clements Plymouth 05-Mar
Sean Mclean  Welling 08-Mar
dawn hollocks braintree 12-Mar
Richard Lynn Workington 13-Mar
Ian Lacey Portsmouth  16-Mar
Caroline Davies nottingham 20-Mar
Helen  Dennerley Manchester 24-Mar
Walter  Brown  Edinburgh  01-Apr
Linda Lawton Carshalton  01-Apr
Pauline Cantrill Romsey 06-Apr
Sukhdev Singh Hayes Middlesex 17-Apr
Kathryn Duck driFFIELD 27-Apr
Craig Hawker-Thomas Neath 01-May
Steve Kennedy Accrington 04-May
Andrew Smith Nottingham 20-May
Louise Fraser Bourne 20-May
Kathy Miller Addlestone 03-Jun
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