About Us

We have always been runners. We have competed in many races all over the UK, including The London Marathon as well as many others.

Self motivation has always been the hardest thing when it comes to our training, so we wanted to come up with an idea that would push us, motivate us and get us out running on a rainy, cold December evening.

These days everyone is on a different schedule, so we figured "what if there was a way people could run in their own time competitively and earn medals". Or set an annual goal like running 200 miles, or even a 1000 miles to maintain or increase fitness?

How it works:

1) Select your challenge distance

2) Complete your challenge recording run info on any running app

3) 'Screen grab' your run info and submit it to us.

4) You receive medal and certificate and your time goes onto the website's leader boards (please state if you do not want to appear on the site.)


We are not robots, so any questions queries will be endeavored to be answered in minutes, not hours (sleep permitting!) Happy Running!

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