Children's Design a medal competition


Children's 'Design a medal' competition.
We know there are alot of youngsters not at school at the moment, so why not tell them about this competition? 
100% free to enter, we are asking for children 0-16 to come up with a design we will make into an actual medal!
The overall winner will receive their medal and have the very special task to choose the charity their medal will be associated with, with prizes for all the runners-ups too!
We welcome any theme, any subject, they can be based around a paticular distance or challenge ,or have nothing at all to do with running, let your imagination run away with you!
 our favourite 5 being put to a facebook vote for the good people to choose the overall winner!
Age catagories: 0-11 years and 12-16 years.
Closing date 11th April
You do not have to be a previous customer, and it's open worldwide!
Email us at  to enter!
Entries so far...
0-11 years:
Joeseph Knight, 7
Neo Constant, 5
Molly Cook, 9
Rudy Nash, 9
Florian Nash, 11
Grace Walker, 10
Ava Walker 6
Delilah Nash, 10
Sylvia Nash, 5
Freya Higgins, 6
Madison Poole, 8
Sienna Graves, 7
Lennox Twentyman, 11
Aeryn Green, 9
Jovan Green, 10
Naomi Stewart, 10
Maisie Stewart, 4
Violet Hardy, 8
Alfie Andrew, 6
Bradley Baird, 10
Ava Jeffs, 6
Kara-Rose Rathbone, 6
Harrison Rathbone, 11
Maddie Jennis, 9
Jack Morris, 10
Ethan Foster, 8
Katie Jackson, 8
Gemma Dunne, 11
Ciana Dunne, 9
Joshua Gear, 4
Oliver Gear, 8
Chaise Halliday, 6
Caleb Brewster, 8
Elliot Lunn, 10
Yvie Hardy, 11
Gracie Else, 12
Benjamin Else, 5
Jessica Else, 7
Violet Hardy, 8
Ashleigh Rose Pope, 7
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