The following is some general information about the 8 annual challenges we have for 2019, of course, everyone is welcome to attempt the challenges any way they can, running, walking, run with a buggy, wheelchair, rowing machine, cycling... your challenge rules are set by you, as long as you can complete the distance, you will earn your medal.

We have the following challenges up for grabs:

500 KM ,500 MILES, 1000KM, 1000 MILES (any method of achieving this, run, walk, row, wheelchair etc)

we have two for cycling: the 2500km and the 5000km (cycling only, hand cycles included)

1 million steps and 3 million steps, one for the runners and walkers specifically.

How do i enter?

Go to the enter a race page:, select your challenge and purchase your place. Please keep your order number safe (its the one that starts with a #) you will need this when you submit your race details. We can process your results without this but it may cause delay.

How do i log my challenge?

The best way is to use an exercise app on your phone. The most popular are Strava, Nike, runtastic, fitbit etc. Please ensure that the app has the ability to give you an annual distance though. 

How do i claim my medal?

Visit, click on the annual races tab from the menu on the homepage. You will fill in a very short form, name, order number, race entered, and then asked to submit a photo proof file. We only require one pic, the screenshot of your annual distance/annual steps covered.

What happens next?

This is the biggest change for 2019, once you have clicked submit, we will receive an email immediately, we will approve, add your name to the hall of fame, and send your medal within 24 hours, you can enjoy a cuppa and wait for your medal to arrive.

Hall of Fame:

All of the annual hall of fame's for 2019's annual challenges will be very simple.

It will be first past the post!

First to complete the challenge will sit at the top of the leader boards with their name and number of days it took to complete the challenge. Your challenge is only fully completed once we have received your submission, so try to submit on the day you cross the finish line, for a fair and accurate position.

Every entrant who submits will appear on the hall of fame's, 1st 2nd and 3rd in each challenge will receive special gold, silver or bronze medals and will be lauded as legends across the world! (probably)

But anyone who completes will be rewarded with the medal and certificate.

Submission deadline for the 2019 challenges is midnight 2nd January 2020, no submissions will be accepted after this.

Pick your challenge, or challenges,  carefully then go and smash it!

Good luck :)

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